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Materials : Synthetic fiber, Reproduction fiber, Natural fiber and others

We can supply synthetic fiber, reproduction fiber, natural fiber and various type of fiber from domestic and overseas. We can supply Mother yarn as well as textured yarn (dyeing, twisting yarn, composite yarn) & special yarn for the wide field and for the various uses. We are also involved in the manufacture of many other types of textiles. We will keep on searching/inventing textiles, fabrics and clothing products for apparels with customers. We are the source of MIYABI (dyed & twisted yarn) which is our original brand. MIYABI is made of Bemberg® which is very ecological & friendly thread, natural and easily replaceable threads. We have more than 100 colors in this range.

Manufacturing company name :

AsahiKASEI / TEIJIN LIMITED / TORAY / Unitika Ltd. / Yibin Grace Group Ltd.(宜賓糸麗雅集団) / Others

Synthetic fiber

Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic

Reproduction fiber

Cupra(Bemberg®), Rayon

Natural fiber

Cotton, Wool

Various fibers

Non woven fabric slit yarn, Metallic thread,(and so on)

  1. The fiber raw materials in general
  2. Processed thread
    Twisting process : Raw material, Composite material, Metallic-yarn
    Coloring process : Cake dyeing, Cheese dyeing, Hank dyeing, Ombre dyeing
    Mixing process of filament : Air-filament mixed yarn, Taslan
  3. Special yarn
    Rayon flat yarn : 300D(Multifilament yarn) & 1000D~4000D(Monofilament yarn)
    Slit yarn : Metallized yarn(non woven fabric), Metallic film, Japanese paper yarn
    Bemberg®(MIYABI) : 50D/2, 75D/2, 120D/2

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Apparel Business for figure dolls

Please feel free to ask us about apparel manufacturing for figure dolls as factory production.

We will be able to design and produce patterns and specifications (including textile and print design etc.)

We have the breakthrough manufacturing process for finer design and simplified sewing using delicate fabric. (PATENT NO.6376630)

Please feel free to ask us about producing minimum parts and original materials for figure dolls too.