Madeira History

Madeira was established in 1919 under the name “Burkhardt & Schmidt Garnfabrik”. The headquarter and the production site are located in the green city of Freiburg near the Black Forest until today.
Originally, the company Burkhardt & Schmidt produced cotton sewing threads. Later, the company started to produce cotton embroidery threads as well. At the end of the 1950s the son of the company’s founder, Rudi Schmidt, had the idea to develop a machine embroidery thread made from viscose. In the 60s the company continued to research and develop technologies for the production of viscose thread, In1975 the “Burkhardt & Schmidt Garnfabrik” changed their name to “Madeira Garnfabrik”, The name derives from the Portuguese Island Madeira that is known for its famous embroideries. The company shifted into the third generation. The twin brothers Michael and Ulrich Schmidt are running the company until today. They developed Madeira to be a global player with 400 employees around the world and 10 subsidiaries, over 50 partners world wide today. They successfully supply their products and services in over 100 countries. 2019: Madeira is celebrating their 100th anniversary.

Madeira embroidery thread

Viscose, Polyester, Wool specialty, Metallic threads, Technical threads are offered in a large variety of colours, strength and make-ups. Bobbin threads, needles, backings, toppings, special materials, accessories, they can offer everything you need for embroidery.

Environmental Responsibility

Madeira knows that the manufacturing and dyeing processes strain nature and the environment, but they do everything in their power to sustain the essential characteristics of the ecosystem. Therefore, they are using the most advanced technology in the process and only use high quality raw materials. By using the best materials, they ensure the goods quality of their products at the same time. “Quality and Responsibility”-this is the maxim of Madeira’s action. With over 80% of the production in Germany Madeira is at the forefront of sustainable production and continuously strives to reduce its environmental footprint. For example, by using heat from the dyeing process to dry the thread or by permanently reducing its water, energy and gas consumption.

Confidence in Textiles

Madeira produces the first-class products for people who take pleasure in textile hobbies. Most Madeira threads are Oeko-Tex certified with highest category “Products Class 1” This label certifies that Madeira products are free of pollutants and health risks. This means that the yarns can be used safely even for baby Clothing.


As some of you may already know, Kohshin have had a close connection with the Madeira group for over 30 years. In the first place the connection was more “indirect” as we worked in conjunction with Madeira Japan Ltd.
About 10 years ago, the majority of the business with Madeira Germany & the Madeira group in general were taken over by Kohshin Company Ltd.
From Jan. 2019, Kohshin started handling the import & distribution of Madeira’s industrial products which at the time was very limited.
Earlier this year we had a meeting in Freiburg, Germany with the upper management of Madeira. At that time the decision was made that Kohshin would make a much broader effort to promote the Madeira industrial products. As mentioned before, previously the range of Madeira products offered in our market was very limited. We intend to expand this range considerably to include Madeira products which have never been offered before & which we are sure will be of interest to many embroiderers & producers of high-quality goods.
We have utmost confidence in the quality of the Madeira goods. We know very well the importance Madeira places on total quality control & customer satisfaction. We intend to continue our relationship with Madeira for many years to come & to strengthen the bond between our two companies. We hope that you will take advantage of this affiliation & make use of these excellent Madeira materials.