MIYABI is 100% previously dyed Bemberg(Cupra) yarn.

They are dyed in Hank instead of Cheese to prevent the difference between dyeing colors. Bemberg is derived from linter, the short fiber that grows near the seeds of cotton ball. It is regenerated cellulose fiber product. Each fiber is extremely fine and has circular cross-section, largely free from the unevenness of natural fibers. Unlike cotton and rayon, Bemberg has no surface skin. It has a porous structure. It means it absorbs & retains moisture.
This gives MIYABI its silky soft and beautiful luster. Bemberg which is made from cotton linter is biodegradable fiber
The fibers easily decompose in soil and return to their natural state so we can
say MIYABI is very ecological & friendly thread.

Please feel free to ask anything.
And also please see the below “Package size”, you can order from 1 cone.

<Package size>

50d/2 : @500Grams / cone
75d/2 : @1Kilo Gram/cone
120d/2 : @1Kilo Gram/cone
* From Col.#01MDB to Col.#10MDB :
Please note that we can supply the size of 120d/2 only for these 10 colors.

You may have a little bit different impression when you compare the actual thread with the following color card, so we kindly ask for your understanding about that.