Madeira SENSA green

Machine embroidery threads made from
100% TENCEL™ Lyocell

【Soft. Sustainable. Sensational.】

Experience the Touch of Nature

With an eye towards protecting the earth, consumers are turning increasingly
toward eco-textiles. Sensa Green premium embroidery thread is made with them
in mind.

Naturally good-looking, there are many unique advantages to Sensa Green:
• the first of its kind
• premium quality
• sensationally soft to the touch
• made of 100% TENCELTM Lyocell fibres —naturally strong and smooth
• botanic origin — derived from trees grown in sustainably managed forests
• environmentally friendly production — saves and reuses resources, leaving a lower impact on the earth
• the thread is fully recyclable
• certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Annex 6, product class I
100% lyocell[TENCEL]
Bobbin thread
Art. No. 710
10 × 5,000m
Art. No. 319
10 × 7,500m
dtex × 100 × 2
den 90 × 2
dtex × 74 × 2
den 66 × 2
65/9 – 75/11
144 silk-matt coloursWhite
Stitch density: approx. 0.37mm
*Indicative thread tension: 90 – 100 gf or cN
*Indicative bobbin thread tension: 25 -30 gf or cN
*Always test and adjust to machine settings, fabric and design.

An embroidery thread that embraces nature

Sensa Green, the first coloured TENCELTM Lyocell machine embroidery thread on the market, embodies the goodness found in nature.
Gentle on the skin and on the earth.
Using eco-responsible manufacturing practices, the cellulose obtained from trees is transformed into a unique embroidery thread.
Sensationally soft, Sensa Green is perfect for embroidering on ecofashions, outerwear, sports apparel, undergarments, baby clothing or home decor. It is available in 144 silky-matte colours which give a natural look to every logo or design digitised for standard 40 weight threads.
This new thread is a must have when it comes to producing sustainable textiles.

Turning Trees Into Thread

When we talk about protecting the environment, we often refer to the butterfly effect: how changing even little things can make a big difference. Because everything on earth is connected.

That’s why at Madeira, we’ve introduced new high-quality threads that have been developed using the latest sustainable business practices.

Sensa Green starts with cellulose, a renewable resource obtained from trees grown in sustainably managed forests, which is transformed into biodegradable lyocell fibres. An award-winning closed-loop production process ensures that the water and organic solvents used to create them are almost entirely reused. These fibres are then transported short distances for spinning and dyeing and turned into thread.

Wood → Woodchips  →  Pulp  →  Closed-loop fiber production  →  Soft lyocell thread  →  Your sustainable embroidery

With its careful manufacturing, Sensa Green brings your sustainable embroideries full circle.