We have started to import and sell “MADEIRA” embroidery yarn (for industry) from January/2019.
Please place an order as 10 cocnes each (per colour).
As all of items are imported from Germany, so please kindly understand that it takes three weeks approximately.
Concerning family use, please contact JC Corporation.

Sensa Green

The new eco-friendly Sensa Green embroidery threads put the best parts of the nature at your fingertips. They are produced in amazing colours from 100 % TENCELTM Lyocell and are feather soft.

No.710:   90dn x 2ply@5000m x10cns 144 colours


Sustainability is the way of the future. That’s why we created a robust, radiant and premium quality embroidery thread made of 100% recycled PET bottles. Just perfect for your next project.

No.40:   120dn x 2ply@1000m&@5000m x10cns (MOQ)389 Single colours, 20 Multicol., 24 Fluorescent col.


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Natural silk gloss and maximum flexibility in 4 thread weights.
Trouble-free placement of stiches in every direction.
Provides a even and relaxed embroidery image.

No.40:   120dn x 2ply@1000m&@5000m x10cns (MOQ)
380 Single colours, 19 Ombre col.,6 Multicol., 10 Astro-col.
No.30:   180dn x 2ply@25g&@3000m(only B&W) x10cns (MOQ)178 Single colours
No.60:   75dn x 2ply@1500m&@5000m(only B&W) x10cns (MOQ)85 Single colours
No.12:   300dn x 2ply@2000m x10cns (MOQ)57 Single colours



Particularly robust threads for heavily stressed textiles in over 400 colour, including fashionable neon shades (for No.40),
it can be processed with a lower thread tension, which provides a nice, loose result.
Suitable for chlorine bleaching, stone wash and industrial laundry up to 95℃.
Light fast, cost-effective, resistant abrasion & tear resistance.

No.40:   120dn x 2ply@1000m&@5000m x10cns (MOQ)389 Single colours, 20 Multicol., 24 Fluorescent col.
No.60:   75dn x 2ply@1500m&@5000m(only B&W) x10cns (MOQ)94 Single colours, 7 Fluorescent col., 2 col. (B&W @5000m) 
No.75:   50dn x 2ply@2500m&@10000m(only B&W) x10cns (MOQ)86 Single colours, 4 Fluorescent col., 2 col. (B&W @5000m)


The world’s first real frosted effect-thread for clear contours and strong contrasts in over 180 colour, for whole new colour. dimensions.
Suitable for drying and bleaching processes and great for thread mixing, lettering or effects on functional wear and other garments.

No.40:   80dn x 2ply@1000m&@5000m x10cns (MOQ)176 Single colours & 13 Fluorescent col.
No.30:   162dn x 2ply@2500m x 10cns (MOQ)95 Single colours

Premium metallic embroidery thread

Luxurious metallic thread for golden moments with an exclusive shine thanks to foils wrapped around a polyamide,polyester, or viscose core.
Ourstanding shine in gold or silver, chlorine resistant and washable up to 60℃.

No.FS12:   750dn (x1)@1200m x 10cns(MOQ)6 Single colours
No.FS15:   590dn (x1)@100g x 10cns(MOQ)11 Single colours
No.FS20:   320dn (x1)@100g x 10cns(MOQ)32 Single colours
No.FS30:   290dn (x1) @5000m&@2500m x10cns(MOQ)9 Single colours
No.FS40:   200dn (x1)@5000mx10cns&@1000mx5cns(MOQ)21 Single colours
No.FS50:   135dn (x1)@5000mx10cns&@1000mx5cns(MOQ)8 Single colours


Versatile structed effect thread that offers a beautiful shimmer.
Especially suitable for glittering effects for fashion applications, streetwear or decorative sewing on denim.

No.30:  160dn(x1)@5000mx10cns
68 Single colours, 11 multi col., 26 crysital col.
16 opal colours

CR Metallic

The durable, smooth-running game changer in 42 vivid colours. Feels particularly smooth on the skin and is suitable for baby articles.
Furthermore, CR is resistant against abrasion and provides outstanding quality at a comopetitive price.

No.40:   210dn (x1) @2500m x 10cns(MOQ)42 Single colours
No.20:   460dn (x1) @2500m x 10cns(MOQ)16 Single colours


Voluminous handcrafted look for vintage or volume embrdery designs in over 200 colours.
Wool-acrylic (each 50%) or cotton-acrylic (each 50%) mixture and suitable for chemical washing, iron and laundry up to 40℃
Ideally suited for large filling areas

No.12:   300dn x2ply@1000m x 10cns (MOQ)135 Single colours & 12 Melange col.
No. CO: 300dn x2ply@1000m x 10cns (MOQ)65 Single colours & 7 Melange col.