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“Delanna” means “fluffy” and “soft” in Italian.

“Delanna” is polyester 100% chenille yarn with excellent colorfastness.
Although it is polyester, it has a soft texture suitable for sweaters and cut-and-sew applications.
(This product does not use a thermally adhesive yarn because it values texture.)


  1. Please use thread from the same dye lot for each product. Pay special attention to dresses, two-piece suits, etc. Try on a small part before actual production.
  2. Please note: Due to environmental regulations, there may be sudden changes in dyestuff resulting in slight changes in colors.
  3. Due to the characteristics of the chenille yarn, the fluff from falling off easily and may adhere to other objects. To prevent fluff from falling off a chenille yarn, Please take measures to prevent depending on the application. (exp : Reinforce by putting yarn on the back side of the fabric.)
  4. Since the chenille yarn has directionality, when using a rewound thread, make a prototype and check if there is a problem.
  5. This product is manufactured overseas by our company.

【colorfastness Class】

Rubbing: <Light color & Neutral color: class 4~5> <Deep color : class 3.5~4>
Washing: <Light color & Neutral color: class 5> <Deep color : class 4~5>